Corporate Executive Coaching program


Changing global business and economic times call for working smarter and using higher leverage leadership approaches. One tool companies are using to tackle the need for more agile leadership is executive coaching. For over ten years Fuller Coaching has offered programs helping key leaders develop a new level of leadership effectiveness.
Elite athletes rarely consider their careers without coaches to help them build on their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Many companies are now implementing coaching as a resource for their key talent as well. Fuller Corporate Executive Coaching Programs are tailored for individual executives or high potential emerging leaders to achieve new leadership approaches, more effective collaboration strategies, and new mindsets needed for new business challenges. 

Contact us to explore how Fuller Coaching  can help your key leaders in tailored programs such as:

  • Fast Start On-boarding for a new/changed job responsibility
  • Executive Impact Coaching – 360 interviews and executive coaching combined for impact awareness and developing leadership agility to use a broader range of leadership approaches
  • Managing Difficult Communications – strategies for true collaboration with peers, up-line executives and stakeholders
  • Influence Communication that promotes successful outcomes and trusted partnerships across the corporate matrix
  • Results-focused Management and Feedback Strategies that work for the leader and direct reports.

For Corporate Programs we work together with the executive sponsor, the executive leader and other resource groups such as Human Relations business partners to tailor the right priorities for an executive coaching program. We define the key skills necessary for the leader’s current role in combination with corporate values and initial focus areas for the program.

An initial series of 360 confidential interviews is recommended, and if conducted, will provide a view of stakeholder key themes. The Interview Feedback Report will have prioritized themes and supporting exact quotes for perspectives on strengths, development areas and numeric rating of leader’s competencies in skills important for the current role. This feedback report (20-40+ pages depending on number of interviewees) provides objective and subjective data for the leader and executive sponsor. The feedback is a reality check and a valuable preparation step for an executive coaching program.

As an example, the recommended phases of a 360 Interview and Executive Coaching Program are summarized below.
Preparation Phase I Deliverables:

  • Prioritized key leadership competencies most important for the leader’s current role
  • Online Leadership Assessments such as DISC, Birkman, Enneagram, or others that fit with the corporate standard
  • List of 360 key stakeholder interviewees, including up-line executives, peers, matrix stakeholders, direct reports
  • Coach – Stakeholder Interviews summarized in Interview Feedback Report
  • Preparation of Executive Coaching Plan based on interviews and assessments, tailored to the individual leader

Executive Coaching Phase II:

  • Initial planning session with leader, and Executive Sponsor, with observations from Interview Feedback Report key themes and suggested Executive Coaching Plan
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching in 6 – 12 month executive coaching programs (10 – 15 Sessions) with confidential discussions between leader and coach
  • Coaching sessions are focused on real life business cases from the leader’s business environment, aligned with themes for development from the executive sponsor and interview feedback. The leader and coach collaborate on those situations for applied practice, striving for progress indicators and successful outcomes. This is similar to graduate business school leadership case process, but these coaching conversations are focused on real life, confidential situations most important to the success of the leader in the current role
  • Every leader is encouraged to continue to align coaching program objectives and progress with any changing business directions and share appropriate information with executive sponsor
  • Checkpoints: There will be checkpoints set in the middle of the program or other appropriate periods, and a report on progress at the end of the program
  • Sustaining Plan: At the end of the program, an ongoing development and sustaining plan will be suggested, incorporating options and resources with a focus on new mindsets and strategies to be self-generating and self-correcting in growing leadership effectiveness

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